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OVERTURE Dedicated Desks

a DEdicated workstation at an entry level price

The economical OVERTURE Dedicated Desks are ideal for cost conscious businesses needing all of the benefits of having full-time office space at a fraction of the cost. The workstations are custom fit into an open plan work area filled with natural light with plenty of circulation space between the desks. The area itself is within a segregated suite with a secure card access system only accessible by OVERTURE Clients. 

The custom fit furnishings for each workstation include a full 78" work surface with an attached locking pedestal, an ergonomic HM chair and full wall tack-board. Technology and utilities include quad outlets, Cat 6 network cabling and WiFi.  

For private phone calls, there are Symphony Privacy Booths located immediately outside of the work area all included in the low monthly charge.

All OVERTURE Clients have full 24/7 access to the building and use of all of the on-site Symphony Amenities making an exceptional value for a full service workspace.