Other Locations

Currently, Symphony Workplaces centers can also be found in Palm Beach, Florida and Morristown, New Jersey. Each center has been meticulously designed to our high standards to be the best in each market and offers a comparable set of amenities. All Symphony Workplaces Clients, regardless of location, have privileges at other Symphony centers plus access to our 800+ network locations throughout the US and around the world. Ask us for details.

Palm Beach FL

With a unique location on the ocean in Palm Beach, this new center offers a blend of workspace rentals and meeting room rentals for groups up to 24. Many local services are a short walk away including the Four Seasons Hotel.

morristown nj 

Located on the top floor of Morris County's tallest building, this center is at the very heart of northern New Jersey's commercial hub. A full service center with 50,000 sq ft of office space and amenities.

network locations

From London to New York to Asia and around the world, traveling Symphony Workplaces clients have access to our curated group of over 800 locations for meetings and business lounge access.