Meeting Room Plans

These plans are designed for local home based businesses with frequent meetings of up to four people. Meeting Rooms Plans offer a substantial reduction from our regular hourly on- demand rates and are available for a minimum 12 month term.

 All plan meetings should be booked in advance in one hour increments and are subject to availability.

 A $39 one time setup fee is charged for all plans.


6 business hours per month

This popular plan includes up to 6 hours per month use of the Focus Room during all business hours.

Cost $88/month (paid annually)

Focus Room-7652.jpg

10 business hours per month

For more frequent meeting room Clients, a 10 hour per month upgrade is available. 

$132/month (paid annually)

10 flexible hours per month

Flexible hours expands the availability of the meeting room up to 9 pm weekdays or Saturdays mornings from 8 am to noon. This plan requires booking 24 hours in advance. A two month security retainer is also required.

$183/month (paid annually)

Please note that all bookings are final when made and cannot be canceled. Plan hours are registered to an individual are not transferable. The registered individual must be present at all meetings to have the hours included in the plan.