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Signature Club Coworking

5 days · 10 days · DAILY

When setting out to offer a coworking service, we studied the market and surveyed our clients. We learned more of what they don't want-just some tired lounge seats right on top of each other in an undesirable space with no natural light and no chance of privacy when needed. From that lesson, we designed our Symphony Club Coworking space to be everything that you do want.

Whether you live in a spacious mansion or a cramped condo, just having an easy and inexpensive place to focus on work for a few hours a day is a necessity. As a coworking client, you can come in during business hours, choose a spacious 72" desk in our separate coworking area, and connect up on our business grade WiFi. All for a low monthly fee based on the number of days per month your plan includes.

When you need a quiet moment for a private call, our soundproof Symphony Privacy Booths are only a few steps away. Free Starbucks coffee and even more open space in our Client Lounge is available only a few more steps away.

The Symphony Club Coworking space also includes a few unique features not usually found at this level. The first is a private Focus Room when you need that extra bit of concentration. The second is a small meeting room where you can huddle with a few of your fellow coworkers to hatch the next startup. Both are available by prior booking and are free to monthly pass clients.

Please note that for our Clients who also want address use, please consider adding a Virtual Office plan to your Coworking plan. For those who want 24/7 access, the OVERTURE Dedicated Desk is a great upgrade.

 Membership is limited. Contact us about our Signature Club Coworking rates.

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huddle room

Ideal for a private one-on-one collaboration with fellow members. Prior bookings only please with a two person minimum.

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focus room

When you need a closed door space for come concentrated genius or privacy. Prior bookings only please.