The Stars

Since 1988, Symphony Workplaces has been synonymous with a high quality, professional level workplace staffed by an experienced client service team. We don't emphasize thousands of locations with tens of thousands of members in and out. Instead we build each of centers from scratch to fit in with the local environment and personally know each of our Clients by name. Our team works to build a professional, but friendly work environment where your success comes first.


lina mak-chin

With Symphony Workplaces since 2019. As a Client Service team member, Lina assists in center operations and administrative support.


Annie Horn-1668.jpg

Annie horn

With Symphony Workplaces since 2018. As Client Service Manager, Annie keeps everything running smoothly in the center for all Clients and their visitors.



In A Supporting Role

Christine O'Rourke Square-0711.jpg

christine o'rourke

With Symphony Workplaces since 1990. As Operations Manager, Chris keeps the wheels of commerce spinning and handles all administrative and billing services for all Clients.

Michael Perrino-0707.jpg

michael perrino

With Symphony Workplaces since 2011. Mike handles Management of all sales and facilities development for all Symphony locations.


carol merriman

With Symphony Workplaces since 1992. Carol is our tech support guru and resident network genius. She answers the calls and keeps things humming.